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Where to Stay in Avoriaz

Discover the top Avoriaz places to stay


You've made up your mind – you want to come to Avoriaz on your next ski holiday. However, accommodation is one of the biggest expenses when booking a trip so you want to make sure that you’ve chosen where you’re going to stay carefully. Worry not, we’re here to help!

5 things to consider before deciding where to stay in Avoriaz

A winter wonderland

Avoriaz is a purpose-built resort which, despite its growth over the last few years, is less than a mile end to end. This means that wherever you stay in Avoriaz, you'll be close to the lifts, restaurants, bars, ski schools and all other amenities.

Where should you stay in Avoriaz?
When it comes to booking accommodation in Avoriaz, there is a wide choice of purpose-built apartments, as well as a handful of chalets and hotels to choose from. These are some of the things you may want to consider in advance before you pick the place you want to stay in:

1. Distance to the pistes: Being able to ski to your door is everyone’s dream – there’s no better feeling than putting your skis on right outside your front door. The great thing about Avoriaz is that, no matter where you stay, you'll always be near the lifts. However, some places are closer to the pistes than others, although you should bear in mind that these very sought-after spots are usually more expensive than the places further away from the runs.

2. Quiet or bustling: Is après-ski as important (or more important) than the skiing itself? In that case, you’d want to stay as close to the bars and clubs in resort as possible. However, if you’d rather stay in after a day on the slopes and prefer to avoid the hustle and bustle of the centre, one of the charming buildings on the edges of Avoriaz is probably a better choice.

3. Amenities: Ask yourself what you’ll need around you when holidaying in Avoriaz. For example, if you’re self-catering, you probably want to be as close to the supermarkets and restaurants as possible, while those staying in catered chalets and hotels may not need to. Having shopsski and/or bike rental places and cafes around you can be very handy but also quite noisy… you decide exactly what you need!

4. Things to do: As with amenities, not everyone will need the same services nearby. For example, families will want to be near the ski schools meeting points to avoid trudging across resort on ski boots while carrying two pairs of kid’s skis. Having the local swimming pool and sports centre close by is also a great idea for those coming with little ones as it’ll keep them entertained after a day on the slopes. Or perhaps you need a spa for a good back rub or to soak your sore muscles in a hot tub after a few hours snowboarding. Food for thought!

5. Budget: Last but not least, location is key when it comes to saving money. Generally, the closer you get to the slopes and to the resort centre, the steeper the prices will be. You may have to sacrifice convenience for budget but worry not, you’ll never be further than 5 minutes from the world-renowned Avoriaz pistes.

Our local team’s top tip: When booking accommodation, take a good look at the photos – do you like what you see? It probably seems unimportant but you’re going to be spending a week in this space so you may as well feel comfortable in it! It’s not just about whether you prefer a cosy rustic interior or a light-flooded, airy living area but also whether the layout and decor fit your needs. Are the rooms big enough? How about the bathrooms? Is there a super-modern, steep staircase your toddler won’t be able to climb? All of this matters when choosing your accommodation and not every town in Avoriaz will be able to provide all sorts of styles.

Avoriaz: Ski-to-door accommodation

Horse drawn sleighs in Avoriaz

Avoriaz, although relatively small, is divided into seven main sectors where most of its modern apartment buildings are situated. Amara and Falaise are located around the entrance to resort, by the car parks and the Avoriaz Welcome Centre. The town centre is the Festival area and behind you'll find the Crozats sector. Finally, towards the south, where the Prodains lift arrives, you can find Dromonts, Hauts-Forts and Ruches.

Who should stay in Avoriaz?
Anyone who wants to be right in the heart of the action, close to the lifts and also to the bars, restaurants and Ahops. No matter where you're staying, you'll never be more than a 5-minute walk from anywhere else, which means that arrival and departure are really the only times when the location will make much of a difference to your stay in Avoriaz. As a car-free resort, most people arriving will either leave their car in one of the car parks at the edge of the town, where the Avoriaz Welcome Centre is located, or be dropped off at the top of the Prodains gondola.

From there, you'll have to transport your luggage to your apartment. There are snow shuttles, horse-drawn carriages and baggage sledges at the entrance points of resort and at most residences to make this easier. However, if you want to avoid the hassle, the Amara and Falaise areas are easier to get to from the car parks while the Dromonts and Hauts-Forts sectors are closer to the Prodains lift.

Avoriaz City Guide

Les Prodains: Easy access to the Portes du Soleil

Les Prodains

The small hamlet of Les Prodains lies at the bottom of the cliff upon which the village of Avoriaz is perched. Situated around 5 kilometres from the centre of Morzine, it serves as a gateway to Avoriaz as the 3S Prodains Express gondola departs from here.

Who should stay in Les Prodains?
Those looking to make the most of their Portes du Soleil ski pass. Les Prodains offers easy access to the high-mountain slopes of Avoriaz and its world-famous snowparks – the gondola takes just under 5 minutes to reach the top, but it's also relatively close to Morzine – a bus connects Prodains and Pléney in just 10 minutes. Whereas Avoriaz has mainly self-catered apartments, Les Prodains offers a good selection of chalets and chalet hotels, some of which boast ski-to-door access.

North Avoriaz

Luxury hot spots in Avoriaz

If you're searching for luxury accommodation in Avoriaz, you're in luck! The resort offers plenty of high-end options, some of which feature private swimming pools, spas, hot tubs and even cinema rooms.

Where are luxury apartments & chalets located in Avoriaz?
They are sprinkled all around resort. Right in the heart of Avoriaz and built in recent years, you'll find luxury apartment complexes offering high-end facilities like spasswimming pools and restaurants. Our favourites are perhaps the buildings in the Amara and Falaise sectors, perched on the edge of the cliffs boasting great views down to Morzine and enjoying spectacular sunsets. These contemporary buildings display the same unique aesthetic that the original team of architects developed in the resort in the 1960s, sometimes even covered on Avoriaz's distinctive wood shingles fitting in perfectly with the surrounding mountainous landscape. The same can be said of the local chalets – wonderfully modern luxury abodes with stylish interiors featuring five-star facilities with easy access to the pistes.

Are there any 5-star hotels in Avoriaz?
There are no five-star hotels in Avoriaz. In fact, there are barely any hotels at all with only two on offer in the whole of the resort. Both of them, the pioneering Les Dromonts and the newly built Mil8, have four stars. Their luxury facilities include fully-equipped wellness areas, gourmet restaurants and breathtaking views.

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Family-friendly areas in Avoriaz

When travelling with young children, you ideally want to stay somewhere that has lots of facilities and services nearby so that you don't have to travel long distances to get to the slopes or the restaurants.

What’s the best area for families with children to stay in Avoriaz?
Wherever you decide to base yourself, you'll never be more than a 5-minute walk away from the resort's amenities. However, the apartments in the Festival sector are closest to the tourist office, the piste-side restaurants and the ski schools.

Family Holidays in Avoriaz

Cheap accommodation in Avoriaz

Many of the apartment blocks in Avoriaz, especially the older buildings, offer affordable accommodation within just a few metres from the pistes. This has made Avoriaz very popular among those looking for centrally located, budget-friendly accommodation.

What’s the cheapest area to stay in Avoriaz?
As with luxury accommodation, cheap apartments are located all around resort. Studios will generally offer the lowest prices and many can sleep up to 4 or even 6 people. As for chalets, you'll find the best value in Les Prodains, near the lift that gives access to Avoriaz.

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Ski-in & ski-out areas in Avoriaz

Avoriaz Ski Pass

There's no greater feeling than arriving at your doorstep with your skis on and Avoriaz is the perfect place to experience it.

Where can you find ski-to-door accommodation in Avoriaz?
Almost anywhere! The beauty of Avoriaz is that, no matter where you stay, you can enjoy true ski-in and ski-out freedom. This was one of the main goals of the team of architects that designed the resort in the late 1960s, turning its car-free streets into ski runs.

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