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Best Summer Lift Pass Prices in Avoriaz

Discover the Avoriaz summer lift-passes


Avoriaz and the Portes du Soleil are one of the world's most popular summer mountain destinations. This is partly thanks to around 22 lifts in operation during the summer, giving access to over 600km of marked mountain bike trails, 800km of hiking paths, 400km of trail running routes, 400 mountain chalets and 10 mountain lakes.

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Deals & discounted lift passes in Avoriaz

Summer in Avoriaz

Are there any summer lift pass discounts and deals in Avoriaz?
You bet there are! The Portes du Soleil offers the MultiPass, which provides access to a whole host of activities and facilities across its 12 resorts at a discounted price in the summer.

Portes du Soleil MultiPass
The Portes du Soleil MultiPass gives you access to the following activities and facilities:

  • All pedestrian mountain lifts: 21 locations throughout the Portes du Soleil, bringing the summits within easy reach and making it possible to travel from one village resort to another and across different valleys easily
  • Swimming pools and bathing lakes: Châtel, Morzine, Champéry, Morgins, Les Gets and Montriond
  • Cultural centres: Aulps Abbey Discovery Centre in St Jean d'Aulps, Les Gets Mechanical Music Museum, Abondance's Maison du Val, Abondance's Abbey, Troistorrents' Vieux Moulins de la Tine
  • Ice rinks: Châtel, Champéry and Morzine.
  • Tennis centres: Abondance, Avoriaz, La Chapelle d'Abondance, Châtel, Morzine, Les Gets, Vallée d'Aulps (2 courts), Champéry and Morgins. 
  • Mini-golf: Les Gets, Châtel, Morgins and Vallée d'Aulps
  • Road trains: Les Gets, Châtel, Morzine and Avoriaz
  • Inter-resort buses/shuttles: Balad'Aulps Bus, Colombus and TPC

There are three different types of Portes du Soleil MultiPass:

1. Accredited MultiPass accommodation providers: People who are staying with an accredited MultiPass accommodation provider for a minimum of 2 days only pay €2 per person per day. Accredited providers include hotels, apartments, chalets and campsites – keep an eye out for the MultiPass logo on their website or check with them directly to see if they're accredited. 

2. Non-MultiPass-accredited accommodation: People staying at hotels, chalets or campsites that aren't MultiPass accredited pay €9 per person per day.

3. Season MultiPass: There is also a summer season MultiPass that costs €75 per person. You'll need to add on the cost of a hands-free pass if you don't already have one at €1 per pass – this is non-refundable but you can use the pass again on your next visit. 

Activities are subject to availability, opening times and schedules by their operators, in accordance with their conditions of sale.

Free lift passes in Avoriaz

A child in Avoriaz in the summer

Who can use the lifts for free in Avoriaz?
Yes, you heard it right, you can use the lifts for free in Avoriaz in the summer! There are free lift passes available to young children and seniors.

Everyone aged under 5 & over 75
Children aged under 5 years old and people aged over 75 years old can use the lifts for free. Proof of age required at the moment of purchase. A €1 fee will be charged for the hands-free card.

Mountain bike lift passes in Avoriaz

Mountain biking in Avoriaz

For many people, summer in Avoriaz is all about mountain biking, which is understandable as the resort sits in the heart of one of Europe's best MTB areas: the Portes du Soleil. Whilst there are a number of paths setting off from resort, in order to make the most of the more than 600km of marked trails, you need to use the lifts. Nearly all of the chairlifts and cable cars in the area are equipped to carry bikes in the summer so you really can roam at your leisure.

How much are mountain bike passes in Portes du Soleil?
Portes du Soleil mountain bike passes give access to 5 world-renowned bike parks in Morzine, Avoriaz, Les Gets, Châtel and Champéry-Morgins. A total of 20 lifts across two different countries, France and Switzerland, with over 600km of mountain bike trails and 35 tailor-made routes for e-bike riders. Mountain bike passes in Portes du Soleil are available from 5 hours to 13 days, as well as for the whole summer season.

Mountain Bike Lift Pass Prices 2020 in Portes du Soleil
Per person​
20-64 yrs
5-15 yrs
Junior / Senior
16-19 / 65-74 yrs
5 Hours 23 17 21
1 Day 29 22 26
2 Days 46 35 41
3 Days 64 48 58
4 Days 81 61 73
5 Days 99 74 89
6 Days 116 87 104
6 Days
126 95 113
Season 290 218 261

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How much are mountain bike passes in Avoriaz?
In Avoriaz, mountain bike passes give access to 14 downhill and 3 enduro mountain bike trails, as well as 11 e-bike routes, a cross-country path and a pump track in the heart of the resort. Lifts include Super Morzine, Zore, Seraussaix, Lindarets, Chaux Fleurie and Mossettes.

Mountain Bike Lift Pass Prices 2020 in Avoriaz
Per person​
16-64 yrs
5-15 yrs
Junior / Senior
65-74 yrs
Single 5.80 4.70 5.20
Return 6.80 5.70 6.20
2 Trips 10.40 8.20 9.20
3 Trips 14.30 11.60 13
4 Trips 17 13.40 15.40
5 Trips 19.90 16.10 17.70
6 Trips 22.60 18 20.40
8 Trips 29.80 23.50 26.80

Trips not used will not be reimbursed. Prices shown are a guide only, to be confirmed at time of booking; further terms and conditions may apply. Prices may be subject to changes in VAT

Mountain Biking in Avoriaz

Pedestrian passes in Avoriaz

Hiking in Avoriaz

There are around 850km of mountain paths for hikers and trail runners in the Portes du Soleil, with 140km of them in the Morzine-Avoriaz area. To access many of these routes, you'll need to take a lift.

How much are pedestrian passes in Avoriaz?
In Avoriaz, pedestrians can use the following lifts: Super Morzine and Prodains Express gondolas, Mossettes, Chaux Fleurie and Lindarets chairlifts, as well as the Zore and Seraussaix chairlifts, although uphill only. These passes are only available at the lift pass offices in resort.

Pedestrian Lift Pass Prices 2020 in Avoriaz
Per person​
20-64 yrs
5-15 yrs
Junior / Senior
16-19 / 65 yrs+
Single 5.70 4.60 5.10
Return 6.70 5.60 6.10

Journeys not used will not be refunded. Prices shown here are a guide only, to be confirmed at time of booking; further terms & conditions may apply. Prices may be subject to changes in VAT.

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