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Spartan Trifecta Weekend, Avoriaz

Compete in one of four races over a challenging obstacle course
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The world's leading obstacle race company brings it's competition to Morzine over one weekend, with races over 5km, 13km, 21km and 50km.

Spartan has a mission: To deconstruct modern-day comforts by tapping into an ancient methodology built on doing hard stuff. Franchised in over 30 countries across the world, its series of obstacle races vary in distance and difficulty ranging from three miles to marathons. 

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Route of the Palais des Sports, Morzine

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The obstacles that competitors must face varies from event to event, but frequently can include a fire jump, climbing under barbed wire, wall climbing, mud crawling, 'over-under-through', spear throw, rope climber, heavy object carry, monkey bars and more. And on top of all this 'fun', failure to fully complete any of the obstacles can result in a penalty in the form of a certain number of burpees that competitors must complete before moving on.

If this sounds like your idea of a good day out, entry is via their website, or you can just go and watch those crazy enough to put themselves through it.

Spartan Weekend Races
Race Distance & Obstacles Notes
Sprint 5km - 20 obstacles Puts endurance aside and tests your speed through a relatively easy trail running course loaded with obstacles. A great starter distance for beginners, or a perfect race against time for the more advanced. Terrain will feature water and mud.
Super 10km - 25 obstacles Considered a middle-distance race, it is as much a mental as it is physical race. Built to keep you guessing, testing athleticism and mental fortitude over rugged terrain.
Beast 21km - 30 obstacles A gruelling half-marathon littered with obstacles to push your comfort zone and take you to the limit as you race through unpredictable terrain. Part of the France National Series.
Ultra Beast 50km - 60 obstacles This is the longest and most difficult race out of the four and is aptly named for its brutal circuit that tries to keep you from your finish line. Fastest time will be around six hours, longest 12h plus.
HH12HR NA A standalone event with mental challenges, nonlinear problem solving, morality, teamwork and individual performance all tested whilst under physical duress.
Spartan Kids 800m - 3.2km Specifically designed for kids to run, jump and smash their way through obstacles just like the adults.
Distance: 800m - Ages: 4-6 years, 1.6km - Ages: 7-9 years, 3.2km - Ages: 10-15 years.



The Spartan Race began as a spin-off of the 'Death Race', a 48-hour endurance event. It was intended to be a more accessible endurance race to attract a wider audience. 

The first race was held in 2010 in Vermont, where roughly 500 competitors had to run, crawl, jump and swim and overcome a series of obstacles. 

In 2013 Reebok became the event title sponsor and since 2015 it inspired a Spartan-based television series in the USA.

Dates for this event

July 2023


Morzine, Avoriaz

Map of the surrounding area