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Avoriaz in December 2019 - What weather to expect & what to do

Your guide on December snow conditions, activities & events

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The first month of the new winter season, December, is always a time of overflowing excitement for those lucky enough to spend some time in Avoriaz. Read on for more information on the weather, snow conditions, events and things to do.

During one of the darkest and coldest months of the year, Avoriaz becomes a winter wonderland – a beautiful pedestrianized resort town surrounded by jaw-dropping natural beauty. Perched on a plateau above the cliffs, there is something for everyone in this magical Alpine resort. From the cosy family holidays to the food and drink orientated party trips. For those learning to ski and snowboard for the first time or the extreme snow sport adventure trips, Les Portes du Soleil has it all and Avoriaz is the highest town nestled right in the heart of this vast mountainous region.

What are the snow conditions like in Avoriaz in December?

2019 has seen one of the snowiest November’s in living memory, putting the mountain in fantastic condition ahead of Avoriaz’s full opening on December 13th. Conditions were so good, the resort even opened earlier for a couple of weekends. The second week of December has started with heavy snowfall, and there's heaps more snow to low altitudes forecast throughout the week. The piste bashers have also been hard at work consolidating the snowfall and piling up the depth on the important parts of the pistes, as well as doubling up the depth with the snow canons.

Things are looking very good for large parts of the Portes du Soleil area being able to open earlier this year, which means the crowds will be more spread out during the busier weeks around Christmas. Compared with previous seasons, we can expect the ski area to be far more filled in and the quality of the snow to be better and less icy. However, don’t get carried away and always remain vigilant for rocks and icy patches. Whilst some areas of the off-piste are now skiable, many are not yet fully covered so be very careful and seek advice from local ski schools before heading off the groomed trails.

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What weather to expect in December in Avoriaz

The short days and long nights are a positive thing here. Perched on a lofty viewpoint and facing west, Avoriaz is treated to beautiful sunsets as it captures the last light of the local region. Mountain sunsets are something to behold and, in December, we get to enjoy them in the late afternoons, before Avoriaz becomes a Christmas postcard town when it is lit up at night. The added benefit of the cold, dark nights is their effect on the snow, creating the lighter and softer conditions that skiers and snowboarder love. We can also expect those impressive and exciting mid-winter storms. When they come, skiers and snowboarders can seek shelter in the forested areas of Lindarets, where the trees provide protection from winds and improved visibility.

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What's on in Avoriaz in December?

The Rock On Snow Tour kicks things off in Avoriaz on the 13th, 14th and 15th of December. Expect over 60 marquees offering free ski and snowboard equipment testing, as well as live music, films and competitions. Head to the top of the Prodains telecabine and get involved!

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Where to party in Avoriaz in December?

Don’t miss the Folie Moon Party on December 14th – the big opening event at La Folie Douce. Expect a space-themed party with a Thai atmosphere (of course) where pretty much anything goes. Have a drink or five and get dancing on the tables to the live music from their resident DJs, it’s going to be awesome.

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What to do in Avoriaz in December?

This month, the main activities are, of course, skiing and snowboarding as Avoriaz sits in the centre of a truly world-class region for snow sports. We are expecting the Avoriaz lifts to be running from December 13th, get yourselves ready for the snow sliding to commence – there’s no better way to spend your Christmas than skiing and snowboarding the Alpine slopes above Avoriaz before the well-deserved food and drinks you’ll enjoy in the cosy bars and restaurants afterwards.

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But there's so much more to do in Avoriaz, from gliding at the ice skating rink in the centre of town beside the Carrefour to swimming in Aquariaz or visiting Le Strike Roc bowling and gaming bar with the family. Plenty of restaurants can be found both in Avoriaz as well as dotted around the slopes where you can enjoy the famous and indulgent Haute Savoie cuisine. Check out the 'Goat Village' just below Lindarets (towards Ardent) for some of the best food during the day and then walk around the magical Avoriaz streets at night to check out which menus you like best.

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Christmas is coming

There will also be a week of Christmas festivities in Avoriaz from December 21st with shows, music, sculptures and firework displays set within the twinkling lights of this fairytale town. If you want to indulge in the magic of Christmas, there is nowhere better for family holidays – check back here for our Christmas and New Year’s article for further details.

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For more things to do in Avoriaz this December, check out our events calendar here and start booking your next ski holiday!

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