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Burton 'Step On' system test ride, Avoriaz

Wide range of bindings and boards with the new Step On System

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This is the perfect opportunity for you to ‘try before you buy' and quiz the Burton testride guides directly on what your ideal set up should be.

When you get to the resort, keep your eyes peeled for the Step On booth where you’ll find a steaming hot cup of coffee with your name on it. The crew will be ready to give you the full low-down on the benefits of Step On, ‘cause ease of use off the lift doesn’t mean compromising performance on the ride down. Wanna try it to believe it? No problem, they’ll have a full setup waiting for you at the top station. Don’t miss the Burton #stepontour this winter!

The test is for free and everybody is invited! You just need a lift ticket and an identity card.

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Bottom of the Prodains cable car


Map of the surrounding area