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Avoriaz Dump Alert - 5th February 2020

Up to a metre of fresh snow in Avoriaz

Featured in: | Giles Towler, Avoriaz Reporter | Published
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It’s been on its way for a few days now, as the clouds closed in and all the forecasts were pointing to a very snowy start to the week. By Tuesday, the snow had started falling heavily and continued for most of the day and night. Current estimates suggest that there has been at least a metre of fresh snow right at the top so, when lifts are open and the visibility is good, it will be well worth checking out the top runs on Arare and Fornet.

The main difference between this current snowfall and the snowfall from last week is that last week the storm also brought high winds. Whilst conditions were good in Lindarets, the higher slopes had been affected by the wind and were slightly disappointing. Things should be significantly better now. 

The freezing level dropped all the way down to 800m during the day, with snow all the way down to Cluses. Even the lower runs, down to Prodains and Ardent will, therefore, have benefited from some fresh snow, with 15cm falling all the way down in Morzine.

It looks as though the next couple of days should be sunny and cold, providing excellent conditions for skiers. While last week’s snow was very good, it looks as though this new snowfall could be even better.

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